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My wife Carole and I in London for a few days and stay in a luxury dreamamateurs downtown hotel pleasant. On Saturday night, Carole decided to reach their full set of black silk blouse ( a couple of buttons undone, of course! ) The use of flow black skirt (not too short - long ) socks, belts, pants lacy red bra... all topped with shoes fucking murderer! Elegant with a touch of a bitch! We enjoyed several ' soft swing ' meets with some couples and some people only a few years and sexy fun usually very good ( my dog ​​!) - That he had not dated anyone for dreamamateurs a while, but somehow I knew that today would be one for the book :-) in the lobby we have a few drinks when I noticed dreamamateurs a familiar face in the bar - it was Des, one of the guys had only known...... Carole said with a smile: 'What a coincidence............ is not it ?' She really enjoyed cock and I knew she dreamamateurs wanted to play with him again....... went to the bar and shook hands with Des ', and he introduced mehis friend, Tommy, who was with him. Tommy apparently had a few bumps Des connected with other couples, and if Carol dreamamateurs was smiling about, he told Tommy that he had a little fun a lot with us : In the layby when Carole and I was completely naked on the hood ...... the first when the FMA, another man and I spunk all over her tits and masturbate furiously as before the rabbits...... The pub session, if Carole had Nickers dreamamateurs ( In just had the feeling of the skirt to make sure !).... MMF in place, in the Carole masturbated and sucks on two overnight.......... Happy days ! did dreamamateurs not take long for us all to relax and enjoy the flirtation, teasing, etc. Carole enjoyed being the center of attention and made sure the kids a good look at her huge breasts ( Des could never stay out of the view of her breasts was!) After a short period of time we went to our room where Carole told dreamamateurs us that dreamamateurs our drinks while a show........... He leaned on all of ussee her beautiful ass and turned to us, one after another while slowly opened the blouse. They would stop and kiss long and hard... Tommy then put his hand inside her blouse as she sat in her lap... The three were so hard as hell today and Carole felt the blows and told us to get our cocks dreamamateurs out. Slowly pulled her blouse and skirt and was totally in Tommy and invited him to take his pants down....... nice and slow. Carole immediately began to blow huge cock Des '- was bigger than Tommy and I both knew that Carole and I loved it!. When they come to Des told Tommy masturbated to her and she masturbated with the other hand - nice and slow. He lay on his back with a play on each side with her ​​tits while Tommy masturbated and sucked Des... was great to see ! was hot as hell and spread their legs and kissed her gently Carole on their feet all way up the thighs, are used both in my fingers and my tongue into her soaking wet pussy. Carole turned and wanted fucked me from behind while she sucked and straw to the other. She opened her legs and I took my hard cock in her and stroked her stockings. She was really enjoying the attention ! ! We played for a long time and even stopped for a drink before you start again........... Never we had been 'full speed ' fun with earlier, but had spoken - we agreed, if she wanted, and if I was okay with it, then we could go for it - with the right person .... The show was always respectful and I realized that we trust him... He was the guy! Carole gave me the 'look' and I knew I wanted to Des dick 'in her pussy. She whispered in his ear, and when he returned he was masturbating his cock until it was massive again, licking his balls, sliding up the shaft and moves in your body and spread her legs around his cock on your license.... She moaned and began to move back and forth as he fucked her. If I have any doubt about this, he immediately disappeared - it was fantastic to seeEnjoy these people and turned it into the goal. She was thrilled when slid every inch of his cock slowly to the bottom of her as she suddenly turned to me and told me he really wanted a DP !!!!! As she leaned forward, opened his Des ass cheeks for me and slowly slid to n tail, as they fuck senseless.... It was a feeling that was crap you come in my pussy, I was fucking her ass and Tommy was taken....... is safe to say that was one of the books - we all had a night to remember !
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